6 Benefits of Offsetting Your Company’s Carbon Emissions

Want to off-set your company’s carbon emissions? You may think that it’d be hard, but it’s not. There is a number of benefits of taking the leap. We’ve run through them below.

Differentiate from Competitors

The industry you’re in may be very saturated. You have several competitors, so how do you stick out? By making your brand eco-friendlier. Some rivals may also have taken this initiative, but unlike them, you will be going a step further by offsetting your emissions.

Customers and clients would also want to work with you, as you’d be making real, track able changes for the environment.

Engage with Customers

Customers would donate to a fund, and the cash would be donated to the growing of new trees or mangroves. As customers are a part of the offsetting emission process, they would feel a sense of loyalty to you – they’re helping you make a change. If you’re a new business, this is what you want.

It’d be easier for them to donate if you integrate a carbon offsetting app to your site. Whenever they are checking out, they’d be able to donate to the fund. The best apps would provide tracking, and tell customers which reserves their cash is being sent to.

Customers Would Feel Less Guilt

You may be in an industry that produces a lot of carbon dioxide. This is especially true when it comes to airlines. Many opt for driving instead of flying because of how bad flying can be to the environment. You’ll be able to advertise to the climate friendly traveller out there, bringing in more cash.

We touched on apps that’d help with offsetting above. You’ll love that there are many specially to help airlines and businesses in the travel industry.

Help the Environment

By helping the environment, you can go to sleep knowing you’re helping make the world a better place. By taking the leap to offset, you could inspire competitors to make a change too.

It’ll also help local industries, as jobs would be made where the cash was donated. The offsetting would also help the residents of the area, as ecosystems would be maintained.

Tax Incentives

Everyone loves tax benefits. Depending on where you live, making your company so eco-friendly would allow for tax incentives and benefits. It might result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars being saved.

Improve Brand Image

Not only would you be able to stand out, but customers would also want to work with you instead of alternatives. Being so conscious of the environment improves your company’s image. Word of mouth about what you’re doing might go out too.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to off-setting your company’s carbon emissions, there are multiple benefits of doing it. The biggest would be that you’d stand out when compared to rivals. Your brand image would also improve. And if you’re in an industry that isn’t the most eco-conscious, off-setting emissions would make customers feel less guilty working with you. Such a thing is especially true for the travel industry.


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