Tips for Selecting the Perfect Rug for Every Room in Your Home

Rugs come in various shapes, sizes and made out of different materials. With this, you have to be particular in choosing which rug is perfect for every room of your home to ensure that the rug would serve its purpose and will not be abused, therefore prolonging its use.

For example, a rug that is designed for a bedroom would not survive in the living room especially if you frequently have guests and friends come over. You have to consider the place where you would be using the rug among other considerations.

Choose A Dark Coloured Rug

A dark coloured rug is recommended especially if you think you will not be able to wash the rug as frequently as possible. When you choose a rug with a dark shade or pattern, it will not be as noticeable when the rug is already in need of a cleaning and or washing compared to a lightly coloured rug.

Measure the Space Correctly

You might think that a rug’s purpose is just to decorate or to keep your floor warm during colder seasons or as additional area for you to lounge or read a book. But a rug is also used to tie up the room’s look. As long as the rug matches all the furniture, it will make the room well put. In order to achieve this, you have to measure the space where you will place the rug correctly. You must avoid the floating rug look where the rug looks out of place or the rug looks small and inappropriate to the size of the room.

Try to Be Unconventional

When we hear the word rug, what comes to mind is a rectangular shaped fabric but nowadays, innovative sellers devise rugs that are unconventional. For example, rug companies USA based have different shaped rugs if you want to be unconventional. If you use a circular table in the dining room, why not use a circular shaped rug underneath it? For your kids’ bedroom, you could even go for more quirky shaped rugs such as a star, a heart or even in the shape of their favourite cartoon character or superhero.

Select Depending on The Material

Rugs are made out of various materials and some are more durable than others. When you shop for rugs, consider where you are going to place it and how busy that area is. Do you need the rug to be sturdy? Or do you need the rug to be soft and plushy? Do you need the rug to be water and stain repellent? When you have the answers to these questions, it would be easier for you to select the rug based on the materials they are made out of.

A rug is an affordable and easy way for you to upgrade the look of a room. But depending on the size of the room, the overall aesthetic and style that you want the room to have, you have to narrow down your choices since there are countless rugs available that you may end up confused and overwhelmed with all the choices.


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