The Dawood’s Journey to Enhancing Education and Youth of Pakistan

If you take Pakistan and the developments that has been made to the field of education and youth nationwide, the name, Dawood will always be there. Yes, the Dawood are always there when the field of education needs an upgrade or even the youth needs a path for them to head to their goals.

The Dawood immense support given to the field of education and youth has shown immense success and yes, the AdWords will keep in supporting those who are in need. The focus of this article is the Dawood journey to enhancing the education and youth of Pakistan:

The school of visual arts and design

For the Pakistani youth who has always wanted to head on their journey in visual arts and design, but they lacked the opportunities and the path that was created for them. After identifying this need, mariyam Dawood took the essential steps in order to create a school that provides the best facilities, teaching and all that is needed to thrive in the field of visual arts and designs. The school that has been established is the best in the region and has been providing the needs for the students to drive and create a good profession for themselves.

The support given to the students

Lady Dawood has also taken part in providing counselling to the students who are in need of it. The immense support given by the lady herself has motivated the students to overcome the challenges that they are facing and yes, it has made them much better at what they are doing as well. Those who are attending the school of visual arts and design doesn’t only have the best facilities, but they are also given the best support possible so that they can make good progress in reaching out for their goals.

The Aga Khan University

One for the greatest contributions that were made were made to the Aga Khan University where the university was provided with the best facilities to carry out the education needs, for the training for the medical professionals and also to uplift he research that is carried out in the university as well. As gratitude, the university named one of their buildings in the name of the mariyam and Bashir Dawood.

In order to find out more about what this great lady and her family has done, you can look into the field of education in Pakistan and the name Dawood would be mentioned multiple times and the contribution that they have made will show great results in the years to come.

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