How the Dawood family contributed to changing our medical field in the best way?

As little children, we are all going to have dreams and hopes about what we want to become as adults. A lot of the time these dreams lay forgotten as we grow up. But for others, it is hard to reach these dreams due to the lack of resources and support. There are so many different fields and sectors all around the world that manage to make our society better than it was yesterday. Out of all popular fields, the medical field takes a very special place for sure. Each year, there are more than millions of children trying to get in to medical school or get in to university to achieve their dreams of becoming a doctor and more. 

But sometimes it is hard to allow children to have access to the best education with lack of resources and this is something that the Dawood family changed in a permanent way. So below is howBashir Dawood and family contributed to changing our medical field in the best way.

The building of universities

University is where most children absorb knowledge and skill in order to graduate and make a better country for all of us. But when most universities are not developed and do not have the same resources as all other universities in the world, it is easy to see how it affects a young adults education negatively. The Dawood family managed to change this by contributing to build more than one university and developing them to allow better access for all students. The Aga Khan University is a good example of their great work.

Donation of medical technology

When there is a lack of technology in the country, it is not only going to affect the education of millions of medical students. It is also going to affect the research work being in the country and all other forms of medical work that professionals are doing within the country for its citizens. The Dawood family observed this crisis and stepped in to help once more. They have made countless donations to the universities of the country to better medical studies for children. They did not stop here as they have also donated important technology to other fields of the medical industry.

A consistent lookout

A problem that many people witness is that most donors do not manage to overlook their projects until it is complete, and this causes problems along the way. But the Dawood family managed to overlook all of their projects from the beginning to the end, making sure everything was perfect for our children.

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