Quick Tips: Getting a Job in the Hospitality Industry

Grooming. A must!

How you present your self is a deal breaker in this particular industry more than in any other.


This serves not only as a measurement of you credibility but also because it also plays a vital part in the hygiene aspect of your immediate  work environmentin which  you are most likely come in contact of food and beverages and the linen and other personal items of the guest that you are attending to.

Even during the recruitment process this can determine if you will land the job or not and most often long hair/ casual attire/ un-kept facial hair sends across the message that you are not maybe not serious about getting the job and that your values are not in line with that specific establishment.

Furthermore if you are ever serious about pursuing a career in hospitality enrol in a diploma in hospitality so that you will have just more that your good looks and natural charm to otter to whoever you talk to next.

Knock on doors within reason.

If you are walking into a restaurant or even a diner make sure to choose a time that is reasonably quiet. Do not create a ‘’in the face’’ moment that I am sure not even you will appreciate and it is not fair for you to expect them to take time to interview a potential employee whilst there is a room full of people expecting their attention. Furthermore only when it is not in its peak hours that the person responsible for recruitment will be able to evaluate you properly and in the meantime allows you to gauge the atmosphere of the establishment, letting you decide if it is your cup of tea after all.

Follow up, show them you are worthy of an opportunity

While it being said that you have to approach likely work opportunities with a certain amount of restrain and respect for the operations of the establishment that does not mean that you send out your application and forgetting about it altogether. So make some courtesy calls subsequent to sending out your details so that you will stand out among the other applicants.

Be active in online recruitment platforms

LinkedIn is the fastest growing professional networking platform and has enquires for a host of jobs every day. Do not resort to just having a profile of such networking sites, make the effort to update and grow your immediate circle with potential employers and work buddies that will allow you to receive a real time heads up on whether a new job opportunity ideal for your skill set is available.

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