Tips when you are changing or starting at a school

If you are starting at a new school or you are changing schools it is a big change for both the children and the parents as they have to deal with the new surroundings and environment, new classmates, new teachers, new classrooms and the other challenges and responsibilities.

There are many studies that have been conducted in order to ensure that each child will be prepared by using a six-step approach whether they are going to be studying at a local, international or a private school in Singapore.


  • Everyone feels very nervous and anxious when it comes to experiencing something new even though they have faced it in many other times in different environments. One of the first steps that you can make is to go on familiarisation tour along with your parents so that you will be a little bit familiar. Certain school websites have virtual familiarisation tours as well which you can follow. You will find additional information as well on the website.
  • Even though you might be nervous, you should not show your child that you are nervous. You need to be enthusiastic about the transition so that your child will be enthusiastic as well. Make sure that you do not discuss the topic too much. You should always be available so that your child can approach you and speak about any doubt they have about their new foreign school.
  • Another way to ensure that your child will handle change is to go stationary shopping. Stationary shopping is actually therapeutic! You can purchase the uniforms, lunch box and the rest of the stationary and make sure that the child is allowed to pick what they want.
  • Have some time to chat with your child during the first week of school so that you can hear what the children will be experiencing, having doubts and concerns. However, you should not force these chats.
  • If you child is having potential issues during their first day or even during the week, let them bring out these concerns on their own. Never push them to speak to you about anything that is bothering them.
  • You need to make sure that as a parent, you will be strong, not worry and be anxious. Give them a hug and kiss just to reassure them that everything will be fine. Remember; do not embarrass your child in front of the school though. Kids tend to get very sensitive.

Be positive and this will rub off on your child as well.  Be strong and embrace the change positively.

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