Essential Skills Every Facilities Manager Should Have

Facilities managers have quite a diverse job role. Their primary task involves the maintenance of properties or other assets which are important to a business, such as tools, equipment or even people. Hence a facilities manager oversees and coordinates different aspects such as floor space, resources, and operational matters in order to help a business to better achieve its goals.

In order to be successful as a facilities manager, you need to have a rather diverse set of skills. Here are five of the most essential ones that will help you prepare for and succeed in this role:

Networking and Communication

Since a facilities manager oversees things like floor space which is a resource shared by all departments in a business, you will need to be able to communicate with a wide spectrum of personalities on a daily basis. In addition to networking and communication within the organization, you will also spend a lot of time corresponding with parties outside. For instance, since you will be in charge of maintenance of the building, the responsibility of arranging routine inspections will fall under your domain.

You will need a build a strong relationship with every person that you have to work with. This is not only important when getting specific jobs done but also when you’re trying to coordinate a collective effort from various departments in order to get things to run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. When you’re a facilities manager, you have to think of yourself as the glue that binds several operations together.

Quick Thinking

Naturally, when you’re in charge of several operations, you will often be faced with a multitude of problems. The successful facilities manager is quick to tackle these problems and has a calm attitude that is needed to assess emergency situations. If you’re currently not optimal at quick problem solving, don’t worry. As with each complicated job, there’s a learning curve and you will have the opportunity to sharpen your skills on the job.

Absorption of Knowledge

Typical facilities management jobs require you to absorb knowledge on a lot of things. Generally, all facilities managers will need to be well-versed in the aspects of safety, security, maintenance, cleaning, and planning and space allocation. In addition, it is essential that you are knowledgeable about the industry in which the company operates in. For instance, if you’re the facilities manager for a hotel, you will need to educate yourself on the health and safety regulations of the hotel industry so that you can do your part to help the hotel comply with them.

Proficiency in Technology

Being savvy in the use of management software can help you to be the most efficient facilities manager, particularly when you’re consistently faced with deadlines. Tasks like scheduling appointments and keeping track of tasks can be automated so that you are free to focus your time on the more important matters.


Being a good leader is a pivotal part of the job. As a facilities manager you absolutely need people working together towards the same goal. Different groups of people may have different ideas in terms of how a task should be completed, which can lead to disagreements quite often. Therefore, you need to be a flexible and patient leader that can unite them under one vision, making sure that there are no delays and no disruption of the workflow.

Being a facilities manager is a fast-paced and demanding job. Having these 5 skills will help you make it much less of a challenge and ultimately keep your job enjoyable every single day.

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