An escape to a paradise

Southeast Asia is well known for its beautiful sea, culture-rich countries, the paradises, the lush green rainforests and so much more. Malaysia, specifically is a number one spot for travelers. If you are planning to visit Malaysia you must never forget the Tioman island. Escape to this little paradise to enjoy the best of the best.

From diving to snorkeling to hiking, everything you dream of doing is there. This paradise will definitely bring you the best vacation of all. Here’s a little glimpse of what you will be entitled to.



The gorgeous blues along with the bubbly sea waves is what we all need. The ocean around the Tioman island will bring you all sorts of delights. If you are simply looking for a relaxing getaway, book a tioman island resort and enjoy the beautiful beaches. Go swimming, take a sunset walk along the beach, enjoy the turtles that come ashore and simply let the warm sand comfort you. It will be the much needed relaxation that you’ve been looking for. Not only that, you can enjoy some late night parties and let the cuisine delight you with its lavish dishes.


Diving and snorkeling


Do you know what the best sight for sore eyes is? Well, theres nothing better than a look at the treasures that the sea holds. There’s so much more to that bubbly waves. And the best way to find out the secrets is to go snorkeling and diving. The Tioman island offers some of the best diving and snorkeling. You will even be able to see some dolphins. Not only that, the sparkling corals and the beautiful sea creatures will be waiting to greet you.




Most parts of the Tioman island is roadless and you will have to follow the footpaths. This is the best opportunity to catch the wildlife in its natural habitat. This is a rare opportunity as you will barely find places which preserve the nature as such. The only things that you have to be on the look out for are snakes, lizards and monkeys. Apart from all these you will be able to see some amazing sights.


Another specialty about Tioman island is that they have a vibrant cuisine. If you are a seafood lover, then this is the spot for you. You will be able to experience some authentic Malaysian dishes.

The Tioman island is definitely an escape to paradise. It is one of those rare places which is still rich with nature. So, why not take a break and enjoy the best of mother nature?

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