Tips for selecting the best secondary school for your child after PSLE

If you are a parent whose child has just faced the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) in Singapore, then you must now be browsing through various sources to find the perfect secondary school for them. Stop for a second and answer this very important question, when was the last time you involved the little one in making this crucial decision which will have a great influence on their life? If you can’t really remember when, then it’s the best time to start. Keeping the Choosing Your Secondary School booklet which is issued to all primary pupils as a reference source, sit down with our child and explain to them what each institute will offer, and find the school that matches them the best. In this article, we will discuss about a few simple things you can do to make the best decision on this matter, so that your youngster can receive nothing but the best education.

Affiliated schools

Back when you selected the primary school for your child, you must have done a comprehensive research to find the perfect institute that is well suited for your religious beliefs, culture and other such factors and it would be ideal if you could direct them to a secondary school that is affiliated with the primary institute. There are 27 secondary educational institutes that are affiliated to primary institutes and if you think its best if your children continue their education in such a school, then you must indicate it as your first choice.

Distance between home and school

This may not sound like a serious concern for too many parents because they expect their youngsters to make the journey, no matter how long it takes in the school van that the parents will pay for. No matter how comfortable the ride is, spending too much time in the busy traffic of Singapore is never good for a child. A recent survey shows that around 80% of the teenagers who attend a top school or a tuition centre Singapore has to offer doesn’t get an adequate amount if sleep, which hinders their concentration and critical thinking ability when learning. Therefore, always try to find an institute that is located in close proximity to your home.

Specialized schools

If your little one shows loads of interest and potential to excel in a field such as aesthetics, science, mathematics or sports, specialized schools dedicated to specific fields that interest you is the best option. These institutes will nurture the pupils from their teen years by focusing on a specific area which will make them experts of their respective fields.

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