How to compare and select the best teaching centre

Tuition classes are a big and major topic in Singapore. Extra classes in Singapore makes over one billion dollars in its industry. It is a necessity for students, which are alarming if the education received at schools is not enough. Parents should let the students choose the class which will enable them to learn and get them through exams. You can always have a look at the reviews and any recommendations made by teachers or other parents.


There are many agencies but choosing the right centre is important.  When you search for tuition agency Singapore, you will come across many institutions. However, using the following tips the correct institution can be selected.






The teachers of the chosen institution must have an understand about how the student can learn and their needs. The teachers who are chosen must be fully qualified.




A key part of progress tracking is to ensure that mistakes and errors are well noted. The student can then be guided to reduce the number of errors being made. A regular review must be done to ensure that the child will also know where they stand.


Methods of teaching


If the centre is teaching the students the same way as they do in school, then there really is no effect. The methods of teaching should be different and should make a significant impact in the child’s learning. The results can be seen when there are exams and the results come through.


Adapting to the curriculum


Each individual is different and therefore, each student learns at different speeds, manners and absorbs differently. The class sizes are smaller than in school, which means that there is more focus for each child, which will improve the child’s results. Therefore, this means that the centre will be able to cater to the child’s needs and adapt the curriculum.




The facility’s environment


The environment of the classroom and the centre is very important. Creating a safe and learning environment is in the hands of the teachers and the other facilitators. The furniture used for the children should be comfortable and colourful so that positive results can be produced. Dull colours tend to bring a less positive ambience.




Keeping the child motivated is important to make sure that they believe themselves and continue to work towards getting good grades. The parents should also motivate while the teachers praise them for their improvement and hard word. When you motivate the student in correctly, give the children rewards.


As a parent it is a challenging task to select the best tuition centre for your child. The cost is not the only focus, but it should emphasis on the well-being, safety, improvement and results of the child as well.




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